Lightweight Level III Ballistic SWAT Shield With Viewport


Lightweight Level III Ballistic SWAT Shield With Viewport

This Lightweight Level III Ballistic SWAT Shield With Viewport ensures your team is protected against rifle rounds during high-risk operations. Weighing in at 17 pounds, this is the ideal ballistic shield for law enforcement needing protection from handgun pistol and rifle rounds.

Ballistic SWAT Shield Protects Against:

  • 7.62x51mm (M80 147gr./2780fps)
  • 7.62x39mm (Chinese/Russian MSC LC)
  • 5.56x45mm (M193 55, 62 and 77gr)
  • 5.45x39mm MSC
  • PLUS all lessor threats including all pistol including 44 Magnum, .357 and 9mm

This ballistic SWAT shield gives level III protection, meaning it will stop most high-powered rifle rounds. It also has a viewport so your team can see what's going on while staying protected. It's made of lightweight material weighing in at 17 pounds. The Ballistic SWAT Shield was designed to provide maximum protection from most high-powered rifle rounds. The viewport gives you the ability to see what is happening while remaining well protected. 

 Lightweight Tactical Level III Ballistic Shield With Viewport SPECS:

  • NIJ 0108.01 Compliant
  • 20x30 Inches
  • 16.5 Pounds / 17.3 Pounds with Optional Tactical Cover
  • Thinness 0.8 Inches
  • Options Include Tactical Cover
  • Rectangle or Cutout Shape


Ideal for High Risk Operations. Lite Enough for Active Shooter and Riot Control:

This ballistic shield offers ballistic protection equivalent to Level III including the viewport for situations where riot shields don't offer the protection against ballistic projectiles.

 Use this shield for approach and active shooter situations. At 17 pounds, it is light enough to be carried as a riot shield and crowd control for extended periods of time.

 Padded handle and forearm strap offers ambidextrous comfort and control unlike most tactical ballistic shields.


SWAT Shield Options

You have options for this shield.

  • Save money and a bit more weight my removing the ballistic window
  • Rectangle or Cut Out
  • Tactical MOLLE Cover
  • FoxFury Lighting

Save even more money by choosing Level III protection vs Level III+ or for Pistol Protection only, choose the Level IIIA version.

You still have options for size and accessories.

NIJ Standing for Tactical Shields

The National Institute of Justice do not certify ballistic shields to NIJ standards but this shield's material exceeds the NIJ Standard giving you peace of mind that this shield is designed to withstand larger caliber rifle rounds as well as all pistol.


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Other shields available include Level III and Level IIIA. Don't forget the body armor


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