Urban Assault Belt


Urban Assault Belt

When you are fighting Evil, you can't stop to pull up your pants every few minutes!  With the Wilder Tactical Urban Assault Belt your pants stay up while you're curb stomping Harm's Way!


Introducing the UAB (Urban Assault Belt) with Integrated D-Ring. Includes a Minimalist Inner Belt. Made of two layers Type 13 Webbing and is fitted with a  1.75" Integrated D-Ring Cobra Buckle.  All Cobra Belts are made to order here in the USA and ships in 3-4 weeks. 

If ordering pouches with the UAB, make sure to order the UAB clips.  

It's always recommended to take a true measurement, over top of a pair of pants to get your true sizing. If you're unsure about sizing, please give us a call 877-363-2626 or send an email to