Warrior Assault Systems Rigger Belt


Rigger Belt


If you're doing any kind of Air Ops, you know you need a Rigger Belt.  Fasten yourself onto the frame of the helicopter until you're close to your LZ/DZ.  One of the most versatile pieces of kit you can have.  Even if you're not doing Air Ops, you still need a good belt for your holsters, etc.

Warriors Elite Ops Riggers Belt is made from the highest standard Mil Spec materials.The webbing used is 4088 type V11 and has a breaking strain greater than 6000 lbs. The Metal Buckles are made from heat treated hardware with a tensile strength of 2500 lbs and finished in Dark Grey Phosphate. The Material is treated with a resin which makes the belt stiff yet plyable, this is the perfect combination, it will not dig in to your sides but is rigid enough to support a holster or drop leg without the belt twisting.


- 1¾" nylon webbing (6000lbs tensile strength)
- Forged steel buckle (2500lbs tensile strength)
- Resin Coated


Small 29" to 32"
Medium 32" to 35"
Large 35" to 38"
XL 38" to 41"