Collapsible Pry Bar


Collapsible Pry Bar

Ideal for dismounted operations, a rugged Collapsible Pry Bar is perfect for external and internal doors. Use short or extended. The Collapsible Pry Bar is a great tool for dismounted operations, as it is lightweight and easily fits into a pack or cargo pocket. It features a collapsible handle that can be extended to gain leverage when prying open external or internal doors. The bar collapses down to a short length, making it easy to store or transport. The durable construction ensures the bar will stand up to heavy-duty use in any environment.

Collapsible Pry Bar SPECS:

The Prying Tool weighs 5.5 LBS and has an overall length of 14.5”. Fully extended it is 23” long.
The head of the tool is 2”x 6” long and has striking and prying capabilities.
Pry Head Construction:
  1. 4140 Cold Formed Steel
  2. CNC Machined
  3. Hardened and Tempered to 45 HRC minimum
  4. Black Oxide Finish


(Outer Handle, Lock Nut, End Cap) – 6061 Aluminum

CNC Machined

Anodized Black Finish


Shaft: (Main structure of the tool)

4140 Cold Formed Steel

Quenched and Tempered

Precision Machined

Electroless Nickel Finish


Head and Shaft Assembly:

Assembly is drilled and precision fit.


***All material is sourced and manufactured in the USA. This item is made per order, the current lead time is 4-6 weeks.***