Level III Rifle Plate


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Level III Rifle Plate

Get edge to edge ballistic protection with this NIJ compliant Level III Lightweight Rifle Plate that stops up to M80 7,62x51 and lesser threats. 


Level III Rifle Plate SPECS:

  • 10x12x1 Inch Only
  • 3.1 pounds
  • Multi-Hit
  • Edge to Edge Protection
  • NIJ 0101.06 Certified

Stops the following rounds:

  • .30-06 Springfield LC
  • 7.62x81 (M80 147gr 2780 ft/sec
  • 7.62x39 (Chinese Russian MSC/LC)
  • 5.56x45 (M193 55, 62, 70gr)
  • 5.56x39 MSC
  • .300 Win Mag (210gr/2900ft/sec)
  • 6.5 Creedmoor (140gr SP)
  • All other lesser rounds