The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Kit®


The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Kit®

When you are actively fighting Evil it is a great idea to have the QuikClot Bleeding Control Kit within reach as it contains 3 C-A-T Tourniquets, 3 Combat Gauze packs and much more to plug holes.  Drop one of these in your office, vehicle or your pack for those extended trips downrange to better protect you, your team and your family.


The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Kit®, Item #539/540 contains all of the components necessary to treat and control minor to traumatic injuries. This orange, nylon kit has multiple internal pockets to contain various medical components. 

The QuikClot® Bleeding Control Kit® (BCK) includes:

•    QuikClot Combat Gauze® LE
•    Tourniquets, C-A-T
•    Mini Compression Bandages
•    Shears, EMS-style, mini
•    Gloves, nitrile

The BCK clearly falls into the category, "Better to have it and not need it..."