1200 Meter Throw Duty Light


1200 Meter Throw Duty Light

Hand Carry White Light Illuminator
Patrol Light; Duty Carry & EDC Flashlight - 415,000 Candela!

18350 - Short Barrel. Choice of Thyrm Switchback 2.0 or LPC Pocket Clip. (INCLUDED)

Light body fits Surefire® KE2-DF & Modlite OKW, PLHv2 light heads.

Use the 415,000 candela for light deterrence & visual disorientation; to defeat photonic barriers and/or penetrate tinted glass windows; or as a visual comm to your team, aviation assets, etc.


1200 Meter Throw Duty Light Specifications:

  • Light on Target: 385,000 ~ 415,000 cd
  • Run Time: 130 Minutes, 1 pc Z-Bolt 18650
  • Run Time: 75 Minutes, 1 pc Z-Bolt 18350
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes, 2 pcs Z-Bolt CR123A 
  • FDA Laser Safety Class 1: Certified EYE-SAFE
  • Max Beam Throw: 1,288 meters @ 2.5 ~ 3.0° (ANSI FL1)
  • Battery: 1 pc 18650 - 3.7V,  Z-Bolt 3500 mAh Lithium (Long Barrel) 
  • Battery: 2 pcs CR123A, Z-Bolt 1500 mAh (Duel Fuel - Long Barrel ONLY)
  • Battery: 1 pc 18350 - 3.7V, Z-Bolt 1400 mAh Lithium (Short Barrel)
  • Body Tube Material:  T6061 Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  • Length 130 mm, Width 33 mm
  • Weight: 5.1 ounces / 145 grams 
  • Surface - Anodized: Black Matte
  • Overall Dimensions:  Length 225mm x Diameter 46mm
  • Warranty: 2 Years from Date of Purchase
  • Part #: LEP-PL-18350-FDE



Z-BOLT® BLAZER LEP Hand Held - EDC & Duty Carry

3x variations of LEP windows (included) allow the choice of 3° long throw (3° Installed), 30° diffused, or 50° wide beam flood.  

The BLAZER beats current LED tech in heat mitigation, light on target (candela) luminance (the intensity of illumination at the target),  contrast, and superior light throw distances - a  game changer!  The BLAZER EDC & Duty Carry Light ships with choice of Thyrm Switchback 2.0 or LPC pocket clips (INCLUDED); 18650 (dual fuel) or 18350 light bod; clicky-style tailcap; either 2 pc 18650 (AND 2 pc CR123A - Dual Fuel) or 18350 rechargeable batteries with 2x slot charger; 1 pc 30°, and 1 pc 50° beam spill diffusers; cloth lens wipe.



FDA Safety Class 1 - Civilian Legal & EYE-SAFE

The Z-BOLT® Quantum LEP Laser Lighting Solution is innovative and future facing. The BLAZER employs a blue laser to fluoresce a yellow phosphor, forming a broad spectrum of white light, which is the core of the BLAZER's laser lighting technology. The blue coherent laser focuses on the 50um phosphor crystal coating (PCC) and produces visible fluorescence. The yellow light and the remaining blue light are then absorbed and re-emitted together to form the non-coherent cool white light. BOLT’s special collimation lens gathers the non-coherent white light source and collimates the output beam to less than 3 degrees. 


Designed to fit the Thyrm LPC or Switchback 2.0 Pocket Clips

The Thyrm LPC is low profile for ease of use. The SwitchBack® 2.0 adds a multi-function finger ring and robust pocket clip to your tactical flashlight. It mounts securely between the BLAZER’s tail cap and body, providing a repeatable grip index during deployment from pocket or pouch, and enhances ergonomics while shooting or searching.  SwitchBacks can be used with handguns or long guns, allowing the user to:

• Reliably deploy and index a flashlight from both pockets and pouches, using the SwitchBack’s rigid, but releasable, retention ring.

• Shoot using a natural two-handed grip (the SwitchBack Technique).

• Employ all traditional low-light techniques such as Neck Index, Modified FBI, and Harries.

• Positively retain the light when drawing a firearm, reloading, and addressing a malfunction.