EOD Fluke Volt Meter


EOD Fluke Volt Meter

The EOD Fluke Volt Meter is the Fluke 88V and includes the Fluke 88V multi-meter, No. 3MU86 Leads (TL224), 9V Battery and Instructions.

This is the volt meter required for the TBT Program.

PRO NOTE:  You will also need 6 pairs of wire insulation piercing leads.  They can be any color but the recommendation is that all 12 be black leads.  You'll then color code the pairs with colored tape.  Others have used red, black, blue, yellow, orange and green as their pairs.  This will help you keep your wire attack organzied.

Voltage (AC): 600 mV-1000

Voltage (DC): 600 mV-1000


Display: LCD

Capacitance Range: 10.00 nF-9, 999 F


Frequency Range (Hz): 199.99-199.99 K

Amps AC: 60mA-10


Basic DC Accuracy: +/-0.1% +1 Dig.

Safety Rating: CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V


Manufacturers Warranty Length: Limited Lifetime

Ohms: 600-50M


Pulse Width: 0.002-1999.9 mS

Duty Cycle: 0-99.9%


Temp. Range: -200 To 1090C, -328 To 1994F


Used by EOD commands in the military and the FBI Tactical Bomb Techs, this kit gives you everything you need to measure current, detect inline resistors by seeing the current differences and make your calculations to determine circuit speeds.


Made by Fluke so you know the unit is well fuzed and shielded.


Super fast and extremely accurate continuity checks that other volt meters just can't produce.  Fast cycling giving you the accurate read you need without drifting like lessor quality models.


Rubber coated body protects the unit from all of the hard knocks Techs are known for.


Recessed selector switch to prevent accidentally changing your setting.  Loud audible beeps even when it's a super fast read.



Get the meter that other manufacturers use to test their voltmeters before shipping out.