EOD Tri-Fold Backpack


EOD Tri-Fold Backpack

The EOD Tri-Fold Backpack is a combination of the Warrior Assault Systems Predator Backpack with the EOD Gear Backpack Insert and the zippered MOLLE attachment panel seen above. It does not include the EOD Gear Rip Away Pouches.

All of our gear is designed with the EOD Tech in mind.

Use the pack to carry everything you need.  Open the pack's clamshell lid to access gear in the pack or attached to the inside MOLLE panel on the inside back.  Fold open the insert creating the tri-fold then open the wings to access the four zippered compartments and your gear mounted to the middle of the insert.

EOD Tri-Fold Backpack - Mobile, Modular, Compartmentalized

The Predator has Fastex clips sewn in the bottom of the pack to hold the Predator MOLLE Panel.  The MOLLE panel is a great feature but by replacing it with the EOD Gear Backpack Insert, you know have the ability to carry and more easily access your gear.

Having the Fastex clips as retention gives you the ability to quickly disconnect the insert which can then be carrier by its handles. 

With the optional EOD Gear Rip Away Pouches, you can then pull mission specific items vs having to carry the entire pack with you.

Mount your rip aways on the inside back MOLLE panel.  You can now mount more rip aways to the backpack insert directly without the MOLLE base.  Place the MOLLE bases on your dismounted belt, vest or other gear for greatest flexibility.  We even make a Pelican MOLLE Lid Organizer so you can pull more gear and go directly from the case to the insert in seconds.


EOD Backpack Insert

The EOD Backpack Insert is made from all US Made components and is sewn in the US.  Just like our EOD-Specific Rip Away pouches, Tool Rolls, Blackout Tarps and Disruptor pouches, it is Berry Compliant.

The insert is available in Coyote Tan.  We understand that Techs are subject to the policies of their local government which may require a specific color.  We believe that is fine for the gear seen by the public but we prefer the Coyote Tan so you can actually see your tools when you're looking for them.

Both sides of the insert are covered with a loop panel and we do include the zippered panel which is easily removed.

Between the two sides are additional MOLLE and a pocket which is ideal for a small disruptor or the Garrett THD metal detector.


Here's the Predator Pack description just in case you really need to keep reading:

The Predator Pack is designed to be a Medium to Large size pack featuring a "Clamshell"  fully extended opening of the main compartment. Comes with a padded lumbar support featuring 3D Mesh with a padded MOLLE belt for extra support and stability, this can be removed if not required.

The inside compartment features 3 zipped mesh pockets on the inside of the lid for storage while the outside has small and large cargo pouch pockets to facilitate quick access to smaller mission critical items. Internally there is a hydration sleeve which has webbing sewn on in order to allow the attachment of various pouches when required.

The top of the pack features Antenna and Hydration tube ports either side of the heavy duty carry handle.

This insert is covered on both sides with 9 rows of MOLLE, and can be pre configured with your own choice of pouches for specific Ops, the MOLLE Insert simply clips inside the Predator via 2 x ITW quick release clips and can be released in seconds making it mobile.

Uses can include pre configured Medical Insert for Medics, Flash Bang and breaching Kit, General Utility, and Ammo set up with Smoke, Frag and additional mags. (Ideal for use in vehicles).