EOD Backpack

$389.00 - $419.00

EOD Backpack 

This EOD Backpack is the Tasmanian Tiger Trooper Backpack and is capable of being completely customized to your exact specifications. 

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this backpack and now it's the backpack that I use to carry all of my EOD Gear.

Top notch attention to detail allows you the ability to MOLLE pouches inside of pockets as well as the main compartment.  Add the options EOD Gear Tri-Fold Insert and you have the ability to carry everything you need for in one pack.

EOD Backpack SPECS:

  • Massive3356 Cubic Inch Capacity!
  • Clamshell Opening allows you to access everything!
  • MOLLE throughout Inner and Outer Pack
  • Full MOLLE panel on the back of the inner compartment.
  • Deep main compartment gives you the ability to load up the inside.
  • Clamshell lid has 3 large mesh pockets.
  • Zippered pockets within exterior pouch lids
  • Add Optional EOD Gear Tri-Fold Insert for Ultimate Customization Click HERE to see it.

Personal Experience:

  • Great zipper pulls!  I hate those plastic tipped pull tabs on zippers.  They always break off so I cut them off and replace them with 550 cord.  
  • The 3 zipper mesh bag/compartments on the back side of the clam shell are huge. Load them up with what's most important as you go down range.
  • The main compartment is deep!  The entire inner back side is MOLLE.  You can attach gear pouches to all 3 sides and still have room for more gear!
  • The backpack harness is comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • The stitching is rock solid.  I abuse gear.  This is one tough bag. 

You'll love this EOD Backpack!


Pouches and Tools are for display only and are not included with the insert or pack.