Slim EOD Backpack


Slim EOD Backpack

The Slim EOD Backpack by EOD Gear is specifically designed to give the wearer the ultimate in flexibility in creating a mission-specific loadout.

  • Designed for the Dismounted EOD Tech
  • 4 rows of MOLLE on the outside to add other pouches if you need it yet maintain the slim profile
  • Clamshell opening so you can open the bag up all the way
  • You have complete control to customize arrangement of pouches to suit your specific mission
  • Holds 4 EOD Gear Rip Away Pouches on each of the 2 inner panels
  • Accepts the EOD Gear Backpack Insert
  • Great top drag handle
  • No waist band to get in the way
  • Great zippers and stitching
  • CT, MC, Ranger and OD available when ordered in quantity
  • Berry Compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • Career-Long Guarantee*
  • 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee*

It's low profile which is ideal so you can get in those tight places you'll have to get into.    You're looking right at 3 inches thick!

Manufactured by EOD Gear so you know the quality and craftsmanship far exceeds anything else on the market. 

We're making the pouches optional to hold down pricing and that many already have pouches and kits they are using.

Add the EOD Gear Backpack Insert

When you add the EOD Gear Backpack Insert, Made in the US and Berry Compliant, you turn this backpack into a slim line tri-fold backpack.  This configuration can hold up to 8 Rip Away pouches and comes with a removable tool tool holder.  If you remove the tool panel, you know have the ability to carry 12 Rip Aways. When you deploy the tri-fold, you can flip open the wings giving you access to 4 zippered pockets to stow even more gear!


Add EOD Gear Rip Away Pouches

Add the EOD Gear Rip Aways, Made in the US and Berry Compliant for ultimate customization.  The pack holds as many as 12 Rip Away pouches.  These pouches are designed for EOD.  Deep sides with elastic bands to hold the smallest tools and probes.  Attach the included MOLLE backings to your belt, vest or outside of the pack so you you're ready to pull the pouch you need and place to best suit your needs.  These pouches are great to create your own Dismounted EOD Belt!




Just what it says! 30 Days from the day you receive it.  When your 30 days are up you still have the Career-Long Guarantee!


All EOD-Gear brand pouches, bags, packs and other sewn items are Guaranteed against any physical defect, rip, tear, broken zipper for the length of your career or 20 years whichever is longer!

Simply send us a picture of the damaged item and we will replace it no questions asked.