EOD Pouch


EOD Pouch


Finally!  A Rip Away EOD Pouch that works specifically for EOD Tools and Dismounted EOD Operations.  The Pouch is Berry Compliant!  Made in the USA!  

In making this pouch, we spoke with many EOD Techs to make sure we're on target giving you the best way to carry your tool sets.

The one pictured is actually our 1st Line EOD Tool Kit so you can tell this pouch can hold all of the tools you need.  The 2x3 inspection mirror looks like it is too long to fit but the case takes it all and has room for even more gear.

Rip Away EOD Pouch SPECS:

  • Made in the USA!
  • Berry Compliant
  • Comes in Coyote, Black, Ranger Green, OD Green and Multicam
  • Small Pull Handle is big enough to grab but not big enough to catch something during an operation
  • Comes with one MOLLE Velcro Base but you can add as many as you need
  • Robust zipper won't break or jam if dirty
  • Larger 550 Cord Pull Tabs
  • Designed to sit vertically allowing it to be used as a Dump Pouch
  • Once hand held, the pouch can open many ways and open all the way like a book
  • Two large pockets on each side
  • Multitool Pouch on the backbone for convenience and center weight for ease of handling
  • Small dual elastic strips on the right and 4 large elastic loops on the left
  • Retention Strap for added security


This pouch acts as a Dump Pouch when worn on your Dismounted EOD Operator Belt as well as a fully clam-shell opening pouch when you're holding it in your hand.   

As a Dump Pouch, you just unzip the top enough to get your hands on the tools you need without having to take it off of your belt, LBV, chest rig or pack.  


Designed to handle plenty of gear, line, pre-made shots, etc.  Also big enough to pick up and carry small SSE items when you're in a hurry.

The pouch is 8 inches tall, about 5 inches wide and 3 inches thick giving you the greatest flexibility in carrying larger tools if needed.



As a Rip Away, the massive zipper makes it easy to open without the risk of it hanging on material whether you're opening or closing the pouch.  

Once it's off and you open it, it sits like a book in your hand making it very easy to handle on the run.  Throw the zipper back and stick back on its' MOLLE Base to continue the mission.

Have you ever had a rip away pouch but wished you had one or two additional MOLLE panels to mount the pouch?  Your wait is over.  

We will provide as many as you need to completely customize your rig.  Get them by clicking "HERE."  Have one on your belt, pack, vest and even on one of our Pelican Case MOLLE Lid Organizers.


We're waiting for final delivery of the pouches and expecting them February 24.  These will go quick as the prototypes have already been seen by Techs around the US.  Get your order in now to ensure immediate delivery.





Availability: Usually ships same day or next day.
Global Trade Item Number: 00850007326012
Manufacturer Part Number: RA-EOD-P


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EOD Pouch

Made from good materials. Good for replacing a "belly pouch" style setup for basic gear. Interior has adequate storage space for majority of tools
Posted by Mark Muladore, 23rd Apr 2019

Great piece of gear,

The pouch is rather sturdy but not bulky. Easily handles a full set of interrogation tools and line. Highly recommend it.
Posted by Ken, 17th Jun 2017