EOD Thigh Pouch


EOD Thigh Pouch

Here's a great multi-use EOD Thigh Pouch that you can customize to fit your exact needs and at this price, don't limit yourself to just one. And at this price you can have one for each type of mission you're working on.


Here's what you have:

- Main compartment with 420D packcloth and drawstring
- Front pocket with zipper closure.
- Additional side-release buckle flap, with zipper pocket over center
- Two side utility pouches for flashlight, multi-tool, pistol mag.....etc.
- Additional mesh compartment on the back with zipper closure.
- Single waist/shoulder strap for dual usage.
- Single detachable leg strap for stability when using as waist pack/leg rig.

This kit is very versatile and comfortable to wear.  The main compartment is big enough to hold something bigger than your fist and still has pockets for your smaller items.

Comes in Black Only.