EOD Remote Pull Spool with 200ft of Rigging Line in Rip Away Pouch


EOD Remote Pull Spool with 200ft of Rigging Line in Rip Away Pouch


The EOD Remote Pull Spool is the ideal spool to have for rapid deployment of line for a remote pull.

The integrated handle allows the EOD Tech the ability to quickly deploy line, to have something sturdy to hold on to while conducting remote pull and to quickly roll up the line and pack up.


- Rigging reel is black in color.

- All hardware Stainless Steel

- Reel consist of two 4" dia x 1/4" thick circular disks and a round reel core that is 1.47" in diameter and 1.3" long.

- The distance between the two outer 4" disks is 1.3" (inside diameter).

- The reel core is secured to the 4" disks on each side with 3 square drive flat head cap screws.

- Hex socket shoulder screw pass through the center of the two 4" disks and the reel core that screws into a reel handle.

- 1" diameter x .85 " long round knob secured to the outside of the 4" reel by a square drive flat head cap screw.

- The center of the knob is approximatly .63" from the outside of the 4" disk.

- Reel handle is black in color.

- Reel handle shall be 4.7" x 1" with a oblonged hole where the operators fingers will grasp the handle.

- The reel handle has a line guide that extends over  the 1.3" gap between the two 4" disks.

- The reel handle has a knurled thumb screw that passes through the reel handle  providing friction on the outer edge of the reel.

- The thumb screw is interchangeable to either side of the handle.



- Line color is subject to availability. 

- Line has load bearing of at least 115kg (400 lbs) or equal

- Line is attached carabiner with heat shrink around the knot.

- Carabiner size is 5mm x 50mm or equal






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