EOD Stickers


EOD Stickers are here!


There's no "I" in EOD!



Back In Black!



Tan EOD Stickers




OLD Glory - Hoo-Yah 'Merica!



Black on OD Green EOD Stickers


If you're EOD, this is an easy way to get a Crabs...for your car's back windshield, for your hard cases and any where else you want to put a Crab.

Christmas is coming so be sure to give Crabs to the one you love!

Yes, it's some shameless self promotion on my part but I bet you could pull out any multi-tool or knife (available here) and take the "EOD-GEAR.com" off of it.

Get Crabs, Give Crabs and let eveyone know you have Crabs!


And there's even FREE Shipping!

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Fast service, Fantastic quality!

I love the color and design of the stickers and I am very pleased about how quickly they were shipped and when they arrived!
Posted by John, 10th Aug 2017

Awesome company

My order came fast and undamaged very great service!!!
Posted by Keagan Richards, 7th Jul 2015

very well made

these stickers, they understand what we are talking about, and applied to the helmet or on working equipment, and increase in value. I hope that I can work with EOD-GEAR.COM in the future. Many Thanks Andrea Massarroni
Posted by Andrea Massarroni, 23rd Jul 2014