EOD Assaulter Kit

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EOD Assaulter Kit


The EOD Assaulter Kit is made for the Tech or Bomb Squad member attached to a tactical team. This kit provides a versatile but compact remote pull capability along with an externally accessible digging/prying knife and shears.

Components include:

  • DTGH-2 Grapple
  • 100′ of 5/64″ line on custom reel
  • Carabiner
  • Large Hook (can integrate with GHS-4)
  • Hook Knife
  • Remote Pull Grips
  • Mini Breakaway Pulley
  • Scissor Forceps
  • Digging Knife
  • Shears
  • Two 3 Eye Slings
  • Berry Compliant Pouch (made by High Speed Gear)
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