EOD Tennessee Flag Stickers


EOD Tennessee Flag Stickers

If you're actually from Tennessee, worked in Tennessee, like coming down to hear some great music or drink Jack Daniels... and an EOD Tech, you'll definitely want one of theEOD Tennessee Flag Stickers for your truck, gear locker or kegerator.

Based in Franklin, we're just south of Nashville on I-65.  Geographically located between Ft. Campbell, Huntsville, an easy drive from most anywhere in the mid-South or mid-West.

Why Franklin and not DC or right next door to a military base?

If you've been here, you know why but it actually works great for all of our great customers.

  • We have 3 Interstates that cross just north of us.  I-65, I-40 and I-24.
  • Great International Airport - BNA
  • Fantastic music with most of the popular singers living right here in Franklin
  • Low Crime
  • Very well trained LEO's.  Almost impossible to get pulled over for speeding because we're into NASCAR
  • Almost everyone is carrying
  • You'll learn the difference between "Y'all" and "All Y'all" and be able to deploy the term if you actually leave
  • Great schools
  • Low Property Taxes
  • Our shipping rates are low because we're not shipping from the East Coast or the Left Coast.
  • We wear jeans or shorts to church.  You will be invited to everyone...daily
  • Everyone here is just nice and will give you the shirt off their back.

Whether you enjoy BBQ and Blues, Country Music and biscuits, Fishing, Hunting, carrying the weapon of your choice or sipping the finest, charcoal filtered Whiskey, we appreciate your business and hope you can come down and stay a while.