EOD Multi Tool


EOD Multi Tool

Need an EOD Multi Tool and can't decide which one you want?  At EOD Gear, we're all about delivering exactly what you want.


Which EOD Multi Tool is Right For You?

There are 3 primary EOD Multi Tools used in the field:

Speaking as a former Navy EOD Tech, I do prefer the MUT primarily due to the non-sparking scraper.  I've used it to clear venturi on rocket motors.  It also offers the ability to use the optional bits and drivers.


The motion on opening the MUT and the Supertool 300 requires you to manually open it by folding it open.  The MP600 DET gives you one-hand capability by flicking it open and going to work.


All 3 models have a C4 punch, cap crimper and Det Cord cutter.


The choice is yours.  If you have any questions on which is best, give us a call and we'll be glad to discuss what is best for you.




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