Gerber MP600 DET EOD Multi Tool


Gerber MP600 DET EOD Multi Tool

This is the one and only Gerber Multi Tool specifically designed for EOD and Bomb Techs with its' cap crimpers, det cord cutter and C4 Punch.  If it wasn't specifically for EOD, it wouldn't be in the catalog.


What I like best about the Gerber MP600 DET is that when it's pulled from the sheath or your pack, you just need to flick your wrist to get to the Crimper and Cutter.  One hand operation is sometimes the only option  you have.  The other EOD multitools, as good as they are, don't open with one hand easily.

If you're new to EOD or making the purchase for the EOD Tech in your life, this is a great choice in multitools.


If you have additional questions before deciding, give us a call and speak with an EOD Tech that has used most of the tools.  We are the one place you can actually call and speak to an EOD Tech about EOD Gear.