Pelican 1170


Pelican 1170

The Pelican 1170 is ideal for pistols, cameras, GPS's, electronics, jewelry or any other gear you have that needs to be protected from being crushed or getting wet!  We've had customers use this case for two full-sized pistols, mags and ammo!


It's Pelican so you know it's rock solid and will stand up to the abuse from travel, packing, storage and general beatings on the range.


You can see the two holes on the front of the case that will fit all standard TSA locks and even the Master Lock 643D Combination Lock, 1-9/16-Inch set.  Make sure you're using an appropriate lock for what you're carrying.

Beneath the handle, you'll see the vent dial which allows you to open the case after pressurized travel.  A vacuum can actually be created from altitude until you land.  When you need to get in the case, just vent it so the lid will release.  Otherwise it's the inverse of sticking a cat in a toilet.


The foam inserts are customizable by plucking out the little squares so your gear doesn't rattle around in the case which can be annoying or worrisome if you're transporting something breakable.


  • Inner Dimensions:10.54 x 6.04 x 3.16 in.
  • Outer Dimensions:11.64 x 8.34 x 3.78 in.
  • Special Features:Double Throw Latches