Warrior Assault Systems Predator Backpack


Warrior Assault Systems Predator Backpack

This is the Warrior Assault Systems Predator Backpack is the best platform to deploy your EOD Tools, SWAT, Medical Loadout or Breaching Loadout.

(Small Pouches pictured are not included but are available).

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this backpack and now it's the backpack that I use to carry all of my EOD Gear.


Here's my bag along with one of our local SWAT/LEO.  In the short time we've carried the Warrior Assault Systems line, many of our new and existing LEO customers are picking up this gear.


The Attention to Detail in this pack as well as all of the other Warrior Assault Systems gear is above any I've ever seen.  We all know how hard we are on gear and this pack is taking all the abuse I'm dishing out.  

EOD Backpack SPECS:

  • 2563 Cubic Inch Capacity!
  • Clamshell Opening allows you to access everything!
  • Removable MOLLE panel insert gives you the ability to stage a pull smaller pouches as needed.
  • Full MOLLE panel on the back of the inner compartment.
  • Deep main compartment gives you the ability to load up the inside.
  • Clamshell lid has 3 large mesh pockets.
  • Add Optional MOLLE Predator Insert and Optional Predator Stiffener


Personal Experience:

  • Great zipper pulls!  I hate those plastic tipped pull tabs on zippers.  They always break off so I cut them off and replace them with 550 cord.  All the Warrior Assault gear did that but used a very robust line to create the pull tabs.
  • The 3 zipper mesh bag/compartments on the back side of the clam shell are huge.  We use 1650 LB line in our kits and these bags could hold thousands of feet in each.  Load them up with what's most important as you go down range.
  • The removable MOLLE panel rocks.  Pop it out, throw it down and go to work.  Makes organizing the main compartment so much easier to use.
  • The main compartment is deep!  The entire inner back side is MOLLE, the insert is MOLLE'd on both sides.   You can attach gear pouches to all 3 sides and still have room for more gear!
  • The backpack harness is comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • The stitching is rock solid.  I abuse gear.  This is one tough bag. 



Here's the standard description just in case you really need to keep reading:

The Predator Pack is designed to be a Medium to Large size pack featuring a "Clamshell"  fully extended opening of the main compartment. Comes with a padded lumbar support featuring 3D Mesh with a padded MOLLE belt for extra support and stability, this can be removed if not required.

The inside compartment features 3 zipped mesh pockets on the inside of the lid for storage while the outside has small and large cargo pouch pockets to facilitate quick access to smaller mission critical items. Internally there is a hydration sleeve which has webbing sewn on in order to allow the attachment of various pouches when required.

The top of the pack features Antenna and Hydration tube ports either side of the heavy duty carry handle.

This insert is covered on both sides with 9 rows of MOLLE, and can be pre configured with your own choice of pouches for specific Ops, the MOLLE Insert simply clips inside the Predator via 2 x ITW quick release clips and can be released in seconds making it mobile.

Uses can include pre configured Medical Insert for Medics, Flash Bang and breaching Kit, General Utility, and Ammo set up with Smoke, Frag and additional mags. (Ideal for use in vehicles).


You'll love this EOD Backpack!


Pouches and Tools are for display only and are not included with the insert or pack.