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Attache Lightweight and compact locking carabiner

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Attache Lightweight and compact locking carabiner


Thanks to its compact shape and SCREW-LOCK locking system, the ATTACHE carabiner is designed for multiple uses. It has an H cross section to reduce weight, as well as the Keylock system to avoid the carabiner snagging during maneuvers.




  • Carabiner optimized for lightness and durability:
    - very compact shape
    - H-profile ensures an optimal strength/weight ratio 
    - wider contact surfaces for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner 
  • Easy to use, for efficient handling:
    - SCREW-LOCK locking sleeve for good handling and effective locking
    - the red band provides a visual warning when the carabiner is unlocked
    - Keylock system helps prevent the carabiner snagging during maneuvers
    - carabiner designed for better rope glide 
    - shape adapted for easy tying or untying of a clove hitch


  • Weight: 56 g
  • Certification(s): CE EN 362, CE EN 12275 type H
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