Breacher Wedge

$85.00 - $105.00

This item is made per order from the manufacturer, the current lead time is 4-6 weeks.

Breacher Wedge

Make more room for your Halligan or for chalking a door, the Breacher Wedge with magnets makes breaching even easier. Available in 2 sized based on the OD-Outside Diameter of the tool.

Breacher Wedge SPECS:

The 1.5 Wedge and 2.0 Wedge were designed for mechanical and hydraulic breachers and serve multiple application uses. Constructed out of 6061 aluminum with 2 magnets on the reverse side, and finished with a Type 2 hard anodized black coating.

The 1.5 Wedge measure 1.250″ OD x 6″ L, and the 2.0 Wedge measures 2.0″ OD v 6″ L.

Breaching Uses:

Creating a gap for your pry bar / hoolie bar
Chalking a door
Removing the internal door off its hinges in seconds (Wedge 1.5 model only, 2.0 model on some doors and frames)

Made in the USA