Build Your Own Tactical Bomb Tech Kit


Build Your Own Tactical Bomb Tech Kit

With the EOD Gear Build Your Own Tactical Bomb Tech Kit, you get to pick what tools you want to have versus having to buy a complete kit with items you already have.

Save time and money by building your own TBT Kit.

You don't have to waste time bouncing between individual products and your shopping cart to see if you hit your budget limit.  The prices here adjust in real time whether you select or deselect items.

Save money because you no longer need to buy tools you already have or don't need.


Pick a case color and if you select an item that could have a color choice, we'll match it as close the case color as possible.

Give the Build Your Own Tactical Bomb Tech Kit a try.

Berry Compliant Pouch - Made in the US
9mm Ceramic Snap Blade
18mm Ceramic Snap Blade
Ceramic Blade Box Cutter
Ceramic Scissors
Ceramic Fixed Blade Knife
Ceramic Clothes Pin Cutter
Angled Scissors
Standard Medic Shears
5 Inch Vice Grip with Eye Hook
6" Forceps Straight
6" Forceps Curved
Extendable Magnet Pen
Fluke Wire Probe
Paladin Wire Probe
4 Piece Probe Set
Positive Block
Z-Bolt Combo Green Dot Line Laser
Z-Bolt Green Line Laser
Mark All Pen
2 X 3 Inch Inspection Mirror
Small Round Inspection Mirror
Small Disposable Inspection Mirror
Gerber MP600 DET
6 Large Black Safety Pins
1 Roll Electrical Tape
1 Inch Gorilla Tape
2 Inch Gorilla Tape
2.88 Inch Gorilla Tape
100 MPH Tape
4 Inch Vise Grip
Folding Grappling Hook
Carabiner Pulley
Compact Pulley
Split Pulley
High Efficiency Split Pulley
DEVCON 60 Second Epoxy
DEVCON MK5 Nozzles 12 Pak
StreamLight Stylus Flex Light
100 Foot Samson Dyneema Pull Line
200 Foot HAL Line and Quick Reel
Garrett THD Tactical Metal Detector
5 Red VisiPad Chem Lights
5 Green VisiPad Chem Lights
Roll Marking Ribbon Green
Roll Marking Ribbon Red
Window Punch
Fluke 88V Voltmeter
Fluke 88V Voltmeter With 6 Lead Pairs
Round Tip Plastic Tweezer
Fine Tip Plastic Tweezers
Extra Fine Tip Plastic Tweezers
Curved Plastic Tweezer
Wind Proof Gas Torch


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