CRNE Hazards Detector


CRNE Hazards Detector

You want to know what the hazard is before going downrange. Yet we are facing toxins and CRNE threats on a daily basis making us wonder how we are exposing ourselves, our co-workers and our families resulting in long-term illness and death.

Modular CRNE & Toxic Hazards Detector SPECS:

  • Customize sensors to meet your needs
  • Covert Placement for early detection
  • Includes 8 sensors
  • GSA and Bulk Pricing available
  • Made in the US

With the advancement in technology it's wrong not to know what the threat is before going down range.

Now Paragon has helped First Responders with their remarkable detectors because they care about you and understand the long term effects of the exposure you face every day.

Paragon sensor technology helps you with early detection and identification of toxins resulting in a more accurate and faster remediation.

The plan for you is simple:

  • We will answer your questions and configure your Modular CRNE Hazards Detector
  • We will work with you on your grants, quote and budget
  • We will deliver your Detector and train your team

You want to get started immediately because if you don't you could possibly have a bad situation made worse, answer some very tough questions while scrambling to get your sensor in place.

Get started now and you will have a capability that will erase the unknown, properly equip you for the mission downrange and protect yourself, your co-workers and your family.


Portable Chemical Radiation Nuclear and Explosives Detector Feature Highlights: 

  • Modular sensor system for deployment on DoD vehicles, vessels and fixed site applications 
  • Continuous monitoring with automated remote alerting capabilities 
  • Fully ruggedized to survive warfighter extreme operational environments 
  • Automated power-up and connection to BM/C4 DoD architecture 
  • Detector operational over DoD secure communication channels 
  • Over 100+ Toxic Industrial Chemicals, Toxic Industrial Materials, Explosives sensors available 
  • Commercial Sodium Iodide (CS) and Commercial Lanthanum Bromide (CL) configurations available for radiation detection and identification applications 
  • RapidSense® Battery Pack available for stand-alone applications


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