Demining Boot


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Demining Boot

This Deming Boot gives you the protection and the confidence to walk into unknown terrain during demining operations.

Independently tested by the Cranfield University Ordnance Test and Evaluation Center in the United Kingdom against certain common types of anti-personnel landmines of different explosive charge sizes. The test was conducted under strict conditions against what we believe to be two of the most likely scenario.

Don't forget the landmine training aids! Click HERE to see the full line.

Available in 4 Models

  • 10“ Polypropylene & Sand Suede Leather Boot
  • 10“ Polypropylene & Leather Boot 
  • 10“ Leather Boot
  • 10“ Sand Suede Leather Boot

Why Wear A Demining Boot:

  • Offers blast and fragment protection 
  • Comfortable to wear in all climates 
  • Can by used as a normal combat boot 
  • Different materials/designs available

The protection system in the boot, unique in design and application of materials, incorporates features in the upper as well as in the sole of the boot.

The main protection system in the sole makes our boot very flexible and maneuverable compared to other antipersonnel landmines boots currently available on the market.

Another unique feature is the weight of the boot. Even with the added protection system it weighs only about 1,150 g per boot (size 42). This makes the boots suitable for prolonged use without compromising performance by the user.

Demining Boot SPECS:


  • Leather outer shell with a smooth finish -
  • Thickness – 1.4mm to 1.6mm -
  • Type-soft, durable full grain waterproof leather upper from the USA -
  • Finish waxed -
  • Intermediate Protection System -
  • Woven Aramid -
  • Specific density – 1.44g/m³ -
  • Tenacity – 230mN/dtex -
  • Modulas of elasticity – 90 Gpa -
  • Elongation at break – 3.3% -
  • Water resistant laminate – polyurethane materials -
  • Water resistant seams – polyurethane materials -
  • Waterproof Cambrella lining


  • Protective sole system 
  • Sole base of lightweight dual density direct rubber soling 
  • Lacing system 
  • Comprises a set of eyelets, loop-hole hooks and rivets allowing full - adjustability and quick release


  • Approx. 2,300 g per pair (size 42)


However anti-personnel landmines are deadly weapons and we cannot and do not claim that the results of exposure to anti-personnel landmines will always be mitigated in a significant way by the use of the boot. Also, there is no way of knowing what type of anti-personnel landmine an infantryman might be exposed to. No two anti-personnel landmine have the same destructive characteristics. To the best of our knowledge, there is no internationally accepted standard test for testing our boots and we do not claim that our boots are 100% anti-personnel landmine-proof.