Dismounted EOD Operator Patrol Belt

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Dismounted EOD Operator Patrol Belt


The Dismounted EOD Operator Patrol Belt takes our standard patrol belt and adds 4 Rip Away Pouches eliminating the need to continually pull your back pack to access the gear you need.

What's Included:

  • The Warrior Assault Systems Patrol Belt
  • 4 EOD Specific Rip Away Pouches with MOLLE back to attach to the belt


The EOD Ripaway Pouch is large enough to hold your specific tools or kits.    

Easily adaptable to carry the tools you specifically need for a mission.  Rip the pouch you need, take the tool or tools needed and slap the pouch back in place, get to work.  Repeat as required.


The belt is well padded but completely hydrophobic so it won't hold water or sweat which would have increased the weight you're carrying.  Extremely comfortable adding extra protection due to the padding within the belt.  Harness loops are attached in 4 points to be able to attach a harness system.


Put your gear where you can reach it.  Get the Dismounted EOD Operator Patrol Belt and start using your packpack as your immediate action kit.

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