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Duke MD82 Combination Electric and Shock Tube Initiator

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Duke MD82 Combination Electric and Shock Tube Initiator


The Duke MD82 Combination Electric and Shock Tube Initiator LWDD was safety tested by the military and is approved for operational use by U.S. Armed Forces.

The tip contains a shock tube adapter for 1/8" standard commercial shock tube. Fittings for 4mm thick-walled shock tube and 2.5mm mini shock tube are available.

The tip also hosts terminals for electric blasting caps.

The electrodes are true zero-maintenance assemblies.   No re-carbonizing with a #2 pencil required.

Adapters will fit standard commercial shock tube as well as thick-walled Mil-Spec shock tube, a mini shock tube.   The unit comes with one fitting and can be ordered with a fitting of any of the three sizes.


The LWDD can drive an electric breech on the PAN disruptor cannon.

We also offer a dual shock tube tip that fires two shock tubes simultaneously. This accessory to the LWDD can be ordered with any combination of the three sizes of shock tube fittings: 2.5mm, 1/8", 4mm.

The LWDD is a kit that includes a custom pouch, a specialty wrench, and one each of all three sizes of fittings. The pouch is custom made with MOLLE straps for easy attachment to a vest.

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