Dyneema 7-64 Inch Double Loop Pull Line


Dyneema 7-64 Inch Double Loop Pull Line


The Dyneema 7-64 Inch Double Loop Pull Line takes a great line and makes it better.  Ideal for EOD HAL Kits of all shapes and sizes.

Each full section, including the loops as part of the length, has a Figure 8 Loop on each end with the pig tail heat shrunk to eliminate any snags on corners, limbs, sticks, etc.

Each loop is large enough to accept a tool or in the case of larger tools such as Vise Grips, a Carabiner will easily fit.

After each line is QC'd, we can loop it or Double Daisy Chain and Loop it prior to being heat shrunk in a storage bag.


For Ordering Line Greater Than 100 Feet

If you want one pull line that is 200 feet, select 2 as your quantity.  300 feet, select 3 as your quantity.


You can always call us at 877-363-2626 and we'll make sure we get you exactly what you're looking for. Color of line and shrink tube is subject to availability.