EOD Carabiner Hook Knife

$26.00 - $30.99

EOD Carabiner Hook Knife


This EOD Carabiner Hook Knife is a very cost-effective way to conduct a remote open without the risk of the hook falling off its target.  The large hole allows for any standard sized carabiner to pass through making this one of the most efficient hooks on the market.


At $26 each, you can afford one for yourself and for everyone on your team!


Don't be without one of these because now that you've seen it, you know you're going to wish you had one.



Add Carabiner Hook Knife Replacement Blades


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Great little cutter

This is a very specialized tool but if you are looking here for it you already know that. This little thing is lightweight aluminum so it’s tough. The blades are easily found over the counter locally. There is no downside to this tool. If you need to rig a cut without your blade coming off of the target then this is for you.
Posted by Junior , 17th Dec 2019