EOD Ceramic Scissors


EOD Ceramic Scissors

Now with the Exclusive EOD Gear Career-Long Guarantee! See Below!

These EOD Ceramic Scissors are not your typical ceramics scissors that have the blades break off if you drop them more than 2 inches.

These blades are solid and serrated!

I sat around with the Nashville Bomb Squad and cut up a bunch of 18 gauge solid copper wire with no problem.  I could probably trim the hedges with these!


Serrated Ceramic Blades

That's right these blades are serrated giving you the extra bite and confidence when cutting a circuit.

The serrations make it easier to cut through the insulation and the increased surface area of the blade makes it easier to cut through thicker wire, cordura and even kevlar strands.  DuPont uses these scissors in their factory! 

EOD Ceramic Scissors SPECS:

  • Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Solid blade that actually goes up into the handle
  • Serrated blade for more bite
  • 5 Inch total length
  • 1.25 inch blade for max torque
  • Large finger and thumb hole
  • Black and Tacti-Cool

Not sure how you  made it down this far but here's some more info:

The brass screw is not for maintenance.  It has a healthy dose of locktite so please don't unscrew it.  You shouldn't need to anyway.  These are very solid.

If these scissors break due to dropping or any other non-RSP related reason, let us know.  Send us a picture so we can see what happened and see if we can adjust to make them better.  We'll send you another set.





Just what it says! 30 Days from the day you receive it.  When your 30 days are up you still have the Career-Long Guarantee!


All EOD-Gear brand pouches, bags, packs and other sewn items are Guaranteed against any physical defect, rip, tear, broken zipper for the length of your career or 20 years whichever is longer!

Simply send us a picture of the damaged item and we will replace it no questions asked.