EOD Gear T-Shirt


EOD Gear T-Shirt

Get your EOD-Gear T-Shirt while they last!  

Being a tall guy, I've always hated the way t-shirts shrink up so we made the command decision that all t-shirts 4XL through Large automatically come in a tall size.  

If you wear a Medium Tall, get the large and start pounding more steel.  Giving a shout out to RobertFrank615, "Swole is Goal! Size is the Prize!"

We used a reflective ink for both the gold and the silver.  To help show how much it reflects, we put a Z-Bolt Combination green dot/line laser across the Crab.  Hopefully, we can get some night shots and publish those later.



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T Shirt

T shirt is great. Good quality and looks awesome.
Posted by Michael Estrada, 24th Jun 2020

Great tshirt

Holds up
Posted by Tim Messer, 18th Mar 2019