EOD PAN Disrupter Cleaning Kit


EOD PAN Disrupter Cleaning Kit

The PAN Disrupter Cleaning Kit has everything you need to maintain and clean your 12 GA. or .357 PAN Disruptor.  It comes with everything from multiple cleaning solutions and grease to replacement parts for your disruptor.  The kit is even outfitted with a firing pin checker that will ensure your firing pin is undamaged and straight (different from a nipple pick).  Just slide your firing pin in and if it drops into the hole without resistance then you are good to go.  DO NOT FORCE firing pin into the check hole!  The cleaning kit is conveniently sewn on a rip away pouch for easy access.

EOD PAN Disrupter Cleaning Kit SPECS:

(1) Disrupter Cleaning Kit Pouch

(1) Bore Snake

(1) 3 oz. can of WD-40

(1) 3 oz. tube of Silicone Lubricating Grease

(10) Nitrile Gloves

(1) 2 oz. Bio CLP

(1) Nipple Pick

(100) Q-Tips

(1) Disrupter Cleaning Cloth

(1) Firing Pin Checker

(1) Replacement Parts Kit (2 Firing Pins, 3 Springs, 3 Set Screws)