Gerber Combat Engineer Kit


Gerber Combat Engineers Kit

Here's the entire Gerber Combat Engineers Kit! Everything you need to get out of that sticky situation.

I wish I had this kit while I was in! I was using knitting needles with duct tape handles. If you're looking for a less expensive option, you may want to consider an EOD Gear Mine Probe made from G10 and G11 plastics! These probes are robust and will hold up under the worst conditions for a really long time! Gerber Mine Probe Kit is part of the larger Gerber Combat Engineer Kit!

Gerber Combat Engineer's Kit lets you probe shallow or deep. The Gerber Combat Engineer Kit includes all the components of the Gerber Mine Probe Kit and more!

What's Included in the Gerber Combat Engineers Kit

The kit includes three shafts engineered from titanium, which combine for an overall length of up to 25 inches and are sensitive enough to transmit even the lightest contact. With the three titanium shaft sections you will be able to work with the probe length that works for you.

The interchangeable nylon probe tips and titanium probe tips sit on a titanium shaft which connects to the handle which is made of Delrin, a non-conductive material.

Wire cutters let you remove obstacles such as concertina wire easily and the included multi-color flashlight makes work possible in the dark.

The entire kit comes complete from Gerber with a Berry Compliant ballistic MOLLE compatible nylon Coyote Brown sheath to hold the complete tool set.


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