HAL Carabiner Magne


HAL Carabiner Magnet

This HAL Carabiner Magnet may not be tactical but it will hold up to 35 pounds!...Spray paint!


If the carabiner doesn't work for your needs, just remove and throw in paracord, zip ties, fishing line, etc.

Perfect for training scenarios to quickly set up trip wires or hang head knockers.

Need an anchor point to redirect a pull?  Steel door, window frame, building, bars?  Now you can.

The base is just over an inch in diameter and the carabiner sits flat for a perfect fit in any kit.


Lose something ferrous in the grass, dirst or sand?  Tie a line on to the carabiner and give it a drag.  You'll find what you dropped and maybe more.

  • Supports up to 35 Pounds (Mounted Horizontally)
  • Great for Hanging Wire Bundles
  • Perfect Accessory to Other TTS ToolChain Products
  • Base Dimensions: 1.10in x .53in - Hole Diameter: .24in
  • Carabiner Dimensions: 1.94in x .98in x .17in
  • Weight: 1.10oz

There's a lot you can do with the HAL Carabiner Magnet.  What will you think of?