Hand Entry Access Tool Kit


Hand Entry Access Tool Kit

The Hand Entry Access Tool Kit is the standard load out kit required by US Military EOD, Federal Agent and Public Service Bomb Squads for years.  The important thing to remember is that at EOD Gear, we never wants you to buy any tool that you don't want or need.  We prefer to deliver to you exactly what you're looking for to meet your team's requirements and budget. 

Want to remove, replace or add tools?  Just let us know and we'll make it happen.

The Hand Entry Access Tool Kit Contains the following:

1 12 volt Drill w/charger & Battery

1 12 volt Rotary tool with battery

Blackout Tarp, 6x6 foot

1 Vise Grip 7 Inch w/eye loop
1 Fiskars Titanium Nitride 8 inch snip

1 Garrett THD Tactical Handheld Detector
1 Nibbler
1 Industrial Putty

12 DEVCON Mix Nozzles

3 DEVCON 60 Second Epoxy Gel


1 12" Titanium Pry Bar
1 Broken Screw Extractor Kit
1 Blue Light Stick

1 CHAOS Lock Picking Card
1 CIA Letter Opener
1 1/2" Wood Chisel
1 1" Wood Chisel
3 Self Lock Snap Knife (2 ceramic)

1 Longitudinal Forceps
6 12" Alligator Leads
1 Windshield Removal Tool
1 6 Foot Tripwire Probe
1 BOSCH Step Drill Bit SDT12
1 BOSCH Step Drill Bit SDT5
1 3/8th Titanium Twist Drill Bit 
1 5/32nd HEX Shank Drill Bit
1 1/4 INCH Titanium Twist Drill Bit

1 Set of 4 Sabrecut RotoZip Bits
1 EZ Drum
1 set of 6 EZ Sanding Bands
2 EZ LOCK Mandrels
2 EZ LOCK 1 1/2" Diamond Disc Cutter
2 EZ LOCK 1 1/2" Carbide Disc Cutter
1 set of 5 EZ LOCK 1 1/2" Cutting Discs
1 CHAMPION 5/8" Hole Cutter
1 set of 5 Multipurpose Cutting Bits

1 Warrior Assault Predator Backpack
1 EOD Gear Backpack Insert
4 EOD Gear Rip Away Pouches