Hostage Chest Training Device


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Hostage Chest Training Device

This Hostage Chest Training Device comes ready to go with an anti-removal switch and with your choice of container plus your choice of 4 M112 Blocks, 6 sticks US dynamite, 6 sticks Russian dynamite or 6 sticks Arabic dynamite giving you a quick and easy way to adjust your scenarios to maximize your training.


This Chest Device is designed to be snuggly strapped to the chest of the hostage.  If the device is pulled away from the hostage, the buzzer will sound.


We understand how difficult it is to come up with scenarios and add increased difficulty to the problems presented to your trainees.  This is why we give you a suite of solutions with the container, the explosives used and the switches.


Run your scenarios using 1 switch or adding in additional switches to increase the difficulty of the problem to match the level of sophistication needed.


By choosing one, multiple or all options, the price will adjust in real-time to ensure you stay within budget.


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