IED Wire Attack Training


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IED Wire Attack Training 

This IED Wire Attack Training course will prepare every Bomb Technician for any incident requiring hands-on circuit/wire diagnosis. Operators will learn techniques that are non-invasive for the most intricate situations. Tools and
methods will also be discussed allowing for the safest and fastest prosecution of an IED.


IED Wire Attack Training Topics and Objectives:

  • Basic electricity and its relation to IEDs    
  • Circuit and component recognition     
  • Using and understanding a multi-meter and all other diagnostic equipment   
  • Detonator diagnostics procedures    
  • Circuit / switch defeat  
  • Practical application

Course Deliverables:

  • Course certificate    
  • Course reference material    
  • Basic Wire Attack Tool Pouch w/tools   

Course Duration and Price:

  • 8 Hour 1 Day (no practical) - $200.00 per person   
  • 16 Hour 2 Day (with practical) - $500.00 per person

Recommended Equipment:

  • Personal wire attack kit - Available to purchase  
  • Multi-meter - Available to purchase 


This course is very intensive and all attendees should plan on staying in excess of 8 hours.