IP24 Disrupter Kit w/Green Laser


K102G – IP24 DISRUPTER KIT w/ Green Laser


IP24/Wildcat disrupter kit with green laser

Comes with an Ideal Products green laser 

12Ga, 24in barrel with ACME (coarse) thread breech 

ACME threads prevent the breech from locking when fired

Push lock breach reduces parts, maintenance, and error – Push Lock Breech Plug

Includes the components to fire the disrupter and perform maintenance

Initiators and stand come in the kit, the unit (K101) omits these items

Comes with the push lock breech K4340PL, can be ordered with the hex plug breech (K4340) with the ferrule nut

Fires all the same rounds as the PAN disrupter

IP24 Disrupter Kit w/Green Laser Includes

  • 24in barrel 
  • Breech 
  • Shell Extractor 
  • Red plugs (50) 
  • Black Plugs (50) 
  • Water bottle 
  • Initiator Choice (Price may vary)
    • EIT HBR-1 (Standard) 
    • EIT Scorpion SBS-T 
    • Duke Pro ESI II 
    • Duke Pro D80
  • WD40 
  • Push Lock Breech Parts 
  • Firing Pin Tool 
  • Omni Shock Tube Starter (non-electric) 
  • Gun Bore Cleaning Kit 
  • Seating Tool 
  • Green laser 
  • 7/16 Nut Driver 
  • Plastic Case 
  • PAN Manual CD
  • Post Stand


Shown with the Recoil Reducer and Muzzle Brake, sold separately