Kodiak Tactical Halligan Pry Bar

$409.97 - $539.97

Kodiak Tactical Halligan Pry Bar

Single piece construction for increased durability using a high strength alloy manufactured in the US. Kodiaks unique design incorporates gripping claws on the pry AND fork ends reducing the occurrence of slippage. The shaft of each bar is coated with our sure grip coating, which allows the operator to have a positive grip on the tool, even in wet environments, so that you do not have to worry about your breaching operations.

HB20 - 20” long 6 lbs. ***Call for lead time***
HB24 - 24” long 8 lbs.
HB30 - 30″ long 10 lbs.
HB36 - 36” long 11 lbs. ***Call for lead time***

IHB30 - 30" long Insulated ***Call for lead time***