Landmine Probe


Landmine Probe


The EOD Gear Landmine Probes are cost-effective and proven in the field.


Don't forget the landmine training aids! Click HERE to see the full line.


Back in the 90's in Bosnia, I used an aluminum knitting needle with a built up duct tape handle.  It wasn't pretty but it worked.


Titanium is great to have if you can afford the budget.


Why not use a cost-effective mine probe, that's actually a mine probe and it won't hurt your feelings if it's lost or destroyed?






Overall Length - 14"
Handle Length - 5"
Probe Material - G-10
Handle Material - Delrin
Weight 2.5 oz.



Hand made in our Training Center Pros, Inc. EOD Gear facility so you know it's made in the USA!  Franklin, Tennessee actually!  Because the mine probes are handmade and the material is ordered in batches.


We do carry some in stock so if you need a bunch of them, we'll need a little extra time to get more material in.  Easy for us but just giving you the head's up!  We don't have a sheath available yet but we're working on a Berry Compliant one.


A perfect add on for your existing kit and is also available as an option in our Custom EOD Tool Kit.


You can probably use this landmine probe as a tent stake, a positive block for something big or a marlin spike to break knots.  Whatever you use it for, just be careful as the point is extremely sharp.

Try our Landmine Probes and feel the quality for yourself.

***Please note since these are custom made items, they are not returnable.  All sales are final.***