Lease IED Training Aids

Save time and money on your C-IED and CWMD requirements when you lease IED Training Aids, IED Training Kits and WMD's from EOD Gear. *

The benefits of leasing IED Training Aids and Kits:

  • Lowers upfront costs, compared to buying equipment outright
  • Reduces the chance that your command gets stuck with obsolete devices.
  • Transfers the cost of training aid manufacturing and maintenance to EOD Gear
  • Offers an easier way to get the equipment you need for the time you need it.
  • Eliminates the hassle and cost of rebuilding functioning training devices

From basic devices all the way to sophisticated WMD's and complete IED and HME training kits, EOD Gear has your training device needs covered.  

*US Military, Agency, Public Safety Only 

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