Lightweight Level IV Multi-Curve Rifle Plates


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Lightweight Level IV Multi-Curve Rifle Plates

And in the Blue corner weighing in at just over 5 pounds each, lightweight Level IV Multi-Curve Rifle Plates that are multi-curve and have a 10 Year Warranty.  

Heavy plates slow you down, wear you out and kill your knees.  Introducing the ShotStop Level IV SAPI and Shooters Cut 10x12 Rifle Plates.

When you stop in EOD Gear to get your hands on these plates, you may be angry because of what you are currently wearing...until now.


Lightweight Level IV Rifle Plates

  • Made in the USA!
  • NIJ Compliance Pending
  • Multi-Curve for Max Comfort
  • 5.0 Pound Shooters Cut
  • 5.4 Pound SAPI Cut
  • 0.9 Inches Thick
  • 10 Year Warranty!

 Military and LEO Discounts available!

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Available to ship now while supplies last!

If you are wearing Level IV do not wait around to get these plates because they will sell out quickly on this initial run.


Level IV Armor is ITAR Restricted and we cannot ship outside the US without prior approval.  EOD Gear is ITAR Registered. Please contact us for an official quote and timelines.