M4 Adjustment Tool


M4 Adjustment Tool

Gerber understands that your weapon of choice is a personal one, rooted in necessity as well as aesthetics.

The Short Stack caters to the customization of your AR-15, providing numerous ways to be of service.

The innovative three-piece design allows for multiple AR-15 wrench configurations, allowing you to tighten and loosen the buffer tube, flash hider, and other accessories.

Compatible with Magpul M-LOK accessories, the Short Stack includes a 7mm wrench and double-sided hex bits to give you endless options. A front sight adjustment tool ensures that you will never be caught unaware.


A steep hillside. A crowded bunk. Somewhere in the jungle. When your office could be anywhere, size and weight are top priorities and storage is prime real estate.

Enter the Short Stack – compatible with Magpul, MOE, and MIAD pistol grips, this compact tool is literally always on hand to get the job done.

Each part of the three-piece design is magnetic, providing easy assembly and ensuring the double-sided bits don’t get lost in the shuffle. Weighing in at only 2.8 ounces, this featherweight is heavy on utility but light in hand.


As the bread and butter of the Short Stack’s functionality, the field cleaning options are all-inclusive and serve as a powerful AR-15 cleaning tool. 

This multi-functional tool is battle tested, created with one vision in mind – your reality out in the field.

Taking the place of a bulky toolbox, this interchangeable tool acts as a pull-through handle for Otis cables, as multiple scraping surfaces for your weapon’s firing pin, bolt, and bolt carrier, and as your line of defense against carbon buildup and malfunction.

The opportunities are endless – and as the expert in your field you will find infinite ways to put it to the test.