Pelican iM2875 Storm Case

$329.97 - $372.95

Pelican iM2875 Storm Case

The Pelican iM2875 Storm Case is the biggest case you can get on an airplane as luggage without paying extra for size.  Now if you stuff it with golden doubloons, you may have to pay extra for weight.

Perfect for deploying and carrying your gear knowing that whatever you're carrying is not getting crushed or wet in the worst conditions.

This case has 3 handles.  One on the front that flips up so you can carry it like a suitcase.  To the right side you have 2 handles.  One that flips up for a vertical carry and a parallel handle that extends allowing you to pull the case which rides on 2 robust wheels on the opposite side.  Think wheels are the weak point in construction?  Remember, Pelican is guaranteed for life!

iM2875 Pelican Storm Case Specs:

  • Six Press & Pull Latches
  • Three Double-layered, Soft-grip Handles
  • Two Padlockable Hasps
  • In-line Wheels
  • Telescoping Handle
  • Vortex® Valve
  • Flush Powerful Hinges
  • Lightweight Strong HPX® Resin
  • Watertight
  • Dust proof
  • Guaranteed for Life

Exterior Dimensions                                                          Interior Dimensions

24.90" x 23.70" x 13.10" (63.2 x 60.2 x 33.3 cm)   22.50" x 21.10" x 11.40" (57.1 x 53.6 x 28.9 cm)


Lid Depth 2.00" (5.1 cm)   Case Depth  9.40" (23.9 cm) Total Interior Depth  11.40" (28.9 cm)


Volume  3.13 cubic feet (88.69 cubic decimeter)


Weight With Foam  24.6 lbs. (11.16 kg)   Weight No Foam  20.1 lbs. (9.12 kg) Buoyancy  194.16 lbs. 
(88.07 kg)


iM2875 Pelican Storm Case Certificates
• MIL-STD-810F • FED-STD-101C • ATA 300


iM2875 Pelican Storm Case NSN List
Part Number NSN # Description
IM2875-30000 8145-01-562-0164 Storm Case iM2875, OD, Empty
IM2875-00002 8145-01-562-0163 Storm Case iM2875, Black, Padded Dividers
IM2875-30001 8145-01-562-0165 Storm Case iM2875, OD, Cubed Foam
IM2875-00000 8145-01-562-0161 Storm Case iM2875, Black, Empty
IM2875-00001 8145-01-562-0162 Storm Case iM2875, Black, Cubed Foam
IM2875-30002 8145-01-562-0167 Storm Case iM2875, OD, Padded Dividers