Pelican White Green Red Rechargeable Flashlight


Pelican White Green Red Rechargeable Flashlight

The Pelican White Green Red Rechargeable Flashlight is one of our most popular lights with Bomb Squads around the US.

Just introduced in August of 2016, this light was well received by Bomb Techs at the Region VI IABTI training in West Palm Beach.

Having Red and Green as an option as well as being able to recharge with the same plug as your Android phone makes having a working light, all the time, super easy.


Combining the latest lighting technology along with an array of features while maintaining a compact design make the Pelican 7600 one of the best all round law enforcement flashlights available.

Performance surpassing 900 lumens coupled with a USB rechargeable lithium ion battery are just the beginning of this multi-talented product. In addition to the extreme high performance white LED light output, a red and green LED are included. These additional colors provide values such as night vision preservation and can be used for traffic control when partnered with a slip-on wand accessory.

The 7600 provides high, strobe, medium and low modes.

You are able to choose from 4 different programs to personalize these modes to you liking.

The full time battery level indicator ensures you will always know where your battery status is.

Plated with a Type III hard anodizing finish provides the most robust finish.

The ability to use disposable CR123 batteries if power is unavailable ensures you’ll never be without light when it is needed most.

The removable pocket clip and its IPX8 submersible status rounds out the many features on the Pelican 7600.


  • BODY: Aluminum with Type III Anodized
  • LENS: AR Coated Glass
  • CLIP: High Carbon Steel
  • CONTACT SPRING RETAINER: Stainless Steel / Phosphore Bronze / Brass Nickel Plate
  • LENGTH:  6.19" (15.7 cm)
  • WEIGHT WITH BATTERIES:  6.9 oz (196 gr)
  • WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERIES:  5.4 oz (153 gr)
  • BATTERY SIZE:  18650
  • BATTERY TYPE:  Lithium-Ion
  • CHARGE TIME:  300.00 mins
  • VOLTS:  3.7 v
  • SWITCH TYPE:  Push Button
  • LIGHT MODES:  High / Strobe / Medium / Low