Safety Pins - 5


Safety Pins - 5 Count

These Safety Pins - 5 are actually 6.  The sixth one is to hold the other 5 so you actually have them to use.

  • One is None.  Two is One. this case, 5 is 6!
  • Tacti-Cool Black
  • 2 inches long so you can actually open them with gloves on
  • Robust construction
  • Keep Calm & RSP

We decided to add these to the catalog to prevent someone from saying that we didn't carry them.  Ta Da!

PRO NOTE:  I had safety pins everywhere.  Sleeves, pant legs, etc.  Can you really have too many?

Get a bunch for all of your kits.

Seeing is believing.  2 inches of Tacti-Cool Badness!