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Secret Squirrel All Weather Notebook

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Secret Squirrel All Weather Notebook

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The Secret Squirrel All Weather Notebook is actually the Rite in the Rain Notebook No. 735.


  • Tactical Black for all Secret Squirrels or people that don't want to flash around a big yellow notebook
  • 3X5 Inch Top Spiral Bound
  • Water Proof and Sweat Proof.
  • 50 Pages...or 100 sides however you want to count it.
  • Horizontal lines like most notebooks but has faint vertical lines for accurately drawing out grids, buildings, etc.
  • Free Shipping US, FPO, APO!

Ideal for LE, EP and anyone else that needs to take notes and not throw your uniform requirements out of whack.

If you don't write it down, it didn't happen!  Make sure you get the notes you need descretely.

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