Tactical Augmented Reality HUD System



Tactical Augmented Reality HUD System

This Tactical Augmented Reality HUD System gives you heads up tactical situational awareness in during both daylight and night operations. 

  • Delivers heads-up tactical situational awareness day or night
  • Incorporates sensing, processing, and AR rendering in a rail-mount form factor
  • Commercial off the shelf
  • Multiple active clients and deployments 

Typical Equipment Setup:

  • ARC4 Recon Device, with Peltor mount if needed
  • Helmet cable
  • Black Diamond/Glenair Hub and cables
  • Battle Management Program such as ATAK/ATAK-Civ with the Heads up display (HUD) plugin

The ARC4 RECON connects to your Wilcox mount for day and night operations.


ARC4 features visualization of geo-registered information to provide real-time situational awareness for outdoor, on-the-move applications. Rather than looking down at a 2D map or smartphone device, the user sees virtual icons overlaid on their real-world view with their head up and eyes out on the environment.

ARC4 is an AR fusion engine that incorporates advanced head tracking sensors and algorithms, network management software, and an intuitive user interface.

It enables personnel teams to perform tasks with high awareness of their surroundings, in close coordination with each other, and with enhanced safety and speed.

The icons allow the user to track targets, friendlies, routes, waypoints, and more, and ARC4 integrates with battlefield management systems such as ATAK.

ARC4 interfaces to daytime heads-up displays and night-vision goggles.

It’s currently in use by the Air Force Special Operations Command, U.S. Army Rangers, and the 1st Special Forces Group, and is currently deployed to Southwest Asia Theater of operations.


Due to the sensitivity of the technology, please call 877-363-2626 to schedule a call or visit and see if the ARC4 RECON HUD system is right for you.