Tactical Grappling Hook - Skeleton


Tactical Grappling Hook - Three 3/16" Tine Grapple

This Tactical Grappling Hook is a 3 Bladed version of our standard EOD Grappling Hook and is still collapsable, stowable and deployable to remotely find those pesky trip wires.

Made of stainless steel and ready for the abuse Special Operations personnel are known for.

The 3 blades gives you maximum compactness (if that's a word) so that you're not taking up valuable room in your kit.  

Flick your wrist to deploy the hooks, use a carabiner to attach your line and give it a Heave Ho!


Stay High Speed with a lower profile grappling hook that is easy to deploy yet strong enough to pull most anything. 


Bulk Purchasing is available.